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Ceramic Crowns

Love your smile again

Ceramic Crowns

Perhaps you have a large fractured filling, a tooth that had a root canal treatment, or maybe your tooth is discoloured and you want to improve the appearance. You may also have a busy schedule at work (or the golf course) and can’t spend hours at the dentist. So, we think it’s time you considered CEREC® ceramic crowns – prepared, crafted and fitted in one appointment!

Advances in the strength and appearance of ceramic crowns have made them the leading choice in restoring damaged teeth to their former splendour. A tooth that has been damaged by root canal treatment, grinding, decay or fracture is likely to break from the stress of daily use. But a ceramic crown strengthens your tooth by providing 360 degrees of coverage. Ceramic crowns are used to cover a tooth that is likely to break or is too damaged to be corrected with a traditional filling. When you receive a crown, you will notice it effectively improves your tooth condition by:

  • Helping strengthen a heavily-restored tooth to prevent future fracture
  • Restoring structural integrity after loss of tooth structure
  • Relieving pain from any damage or fractures
  • Restoring form and function
  • Improving aesthetics

What to expect

Single Appointment

Yes, it is absolutely true – you can have your final crown today. We are a CEREC® clinic, placing quality eMax™ ceramic crowns, inlays and overlays since 2012. To get started, your dentist will prepare your tooth by removing all decay, old filling material to leave a healthy blank canvas. Our team will then scan your tooth to create a digital three-dimensional model which they then use to start the designing process.

During this time you are free to relax and watch a movie on Netflix. Or maybe a short documentary rather, since a single crown may be done in as little as 45 minutes! While you are enjoying some well-deserved rest, we will be hard at work designing, milling and glazing your new ceramic crown.

At the time of placement we will use a game-changing bonding system to fit your final crown. 5 Minutes is all it takes and once bonding has been done, you are free to use your crown as you please.

Let's take a moment to honour the engineers who make us look good. Because without them, you'd still have impression material stuck to your lip, nursing a temporary crown whilst clearing your diary for the final placement in two weeks' time.

Dr Thinus van NiekerkBChD (Pret) Dip Implantology (Pret)

For more information about ceramic crowns in Ballito, or to schedule a consultation, contact The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium Ballito at 032 586 3284. We also have a dedicated online shop where we offer the right products to keep your smile sparkling and healthy. Or return home to explore more.

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