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Resin Bonding

Love your smile, again

Resin Bonding

Do you have small fractures on your front teeth, are there areas of discolouration, or are they slightly misaligned? We get it – you don’t want braces or veneers, but still want a beautiful smile. Resin bonding may be the non-invasive option you’ve been looking for!

Re-contour, enhance and restore your smile with white fillings – or better termed as tooth-coloured restorations! With dozens of shades and hues to choose from, cosmetic resin bonding can mimic the lifelike appearance of natural teeth. Resin bonding can:

  • Close small gaps and make small teeth look wider
  • Fix small chips and restore length of teeth
  • Hide erosion spots and areas of discolouration
  • Restore correct contours and symmetry

What to expect

Single Appointment

We will start by taking photos and assessing the shape, size and symmetry of your smile – all in the comfort of our office in Ballito. We may also discuss the factors that may have contributed to your current situation and address those individually. When performing resin bonding the technique often requires very little preparation of the teeth. We will also use a variety of shades to achieve a natural result.

Following the application of the resin, we may continue to shape and contour each tooth with precision and care. It is is during this process that we correct angles, create shadow lines and recreate the natural contours of your smile. This is followed by a series of polishing steps and finally finished with a lustrous layer of lacquer.

We encourage you to take care of your new smile which will ensure that the resin bonding will last for years. We recommend that your resin bondings are polished at each 6 monthly visit and that a new layer of glazing is added. This will ensure a good aesthetic outcome while at the same time offering protection to your teeth.

For more information about resin bonding in Ballito, or to schedule a consultation, contact The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium at 032 586 3284. Also don’t forget to have a look at our Results page.

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