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Damon® Braces

Are For Everyone

Whether you have been dreaming of having a beautiful smile for thirty years or whether you are only 12 years old, there is a beautiful smile waiting to be uncovered and it all starts here – getting them straight with Damon® Braces!

Damon Braces
Damon Braces
Damon Braces

Why Damon® Braces?

There are many orthodontic systems available with which to treat patients. Each system is unique with attributes that would suit certain patients and practices better than another system. We particularly prefer the Damon® system for the following reasons:

Self-Ligating Brackets

The Damon® bracket design is very good. It is a low-profile, self-ligating bracket. Damon® self-ligating brackets have a sliding mechanism that holds the arch wire in place, making cleaning and changing wires a lot easier. Traditional brackets make use of metal ties and colourful elastic bands to hold the arch wire in position.

Less Chair Time

Even though the overall treatment times between Damon® braces and traditional braces may not differ, the number of visits and duration of each visit are significantly less. This makes fitting orthodontic treatment into a busy lifestyle easier and makes treating travelling patients a possibility.

*We have treated patients flying in from Botswana and Mozambique


The Damon® system is available all over the world. It is important for us to know that the system we use has a reliable supply chain and is available worldwide. When choosing a system we felt like Damon® braces provides us with frequently updated products – with regular enhancements being introduced to the system.

Damon Braces

How does Damon® Braces work?

Orthodontics treatment will get your teeth straight and give you the smile you deserve – no doubt! But it does so much more than that. Orthodontics involve the development of your jaws and aims to guide and correct both the jaw and teeth relation. It favorably adjusts the position of your bite which improves the longevity of your teeth since they are used correctly. Our favorite benefit of orthodontic treatment is the improved side-on profiles and vertical facial height that many of our patients enjoy.

Damon Braces
Damon Braces

01. scan and plan.

We start by scanning your teeth and taking the necessary CBCT radiographs and photographs. We then start the digital planning process. With modern software we are able to predictably plan your new smile. We produce a full treatment plan prior to the active treatment phase.

02. active treatment.

We place the brackets onto your teeth in exactly the positions specified during the planning step. This is known as the banding appointment and marks the beginning of your active orthodontic treatment. Adjustments are made during the course of this phase which could take 6 – 36 months depending on the complexity of the case.

03. retention.

Once we have achieved our desired results the braces are removed. To keep your teeth in these positions it is absolutely necessary to place permanent retainers onto the back of your teeth. In addition to the fixed retainers we also provide two sets of clear retainers to be worn at night.

Meet Your

Damon® Braces


Dr Thinus van Niekerk

Dr Thinus Van Niekerk

For more information on Damon® Braces in Ballito or to request an appointment - get in touch with us now.

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